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February 21, 2013
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A little girl was in her room feeling really tired. She wanted to fall asleep but for some reason she just couldn't. She opens her window, look up at the night sky but there was no star. She yawn, rub her eyes, blink and then opens her eye again. This time however there was a single star twinkling in the far off distance. It was faint but she swore it was there. She gritted her eyes and then realize it actually wasn't that far off. In fact the longer she stares at it, the more it seems as if it was getting bigger. She was suddenly cover in fear but she just couldn't look away. The more she stares at it, the more she couldn't get her eye to look away.

Soon she started to realize, the star was not getting bigger, it was getting closer. She was no longer cover in only fear. She was now full of fear and excitement. The star came closer, and closer, and closer toward her window. It was coming!

She dodge to one side and watches as the stall crashes into her room. The star explode into a dust. But this was no ordinary dust. No it was golden dust. This golden dust did not falls straight to the ground. They linger in the air, each speckle of dust their very own little star. The little stars then got brighter. In her little corner of the room, yet again, shrouded in fear and excitement, she still could not stop staring at the beautiful golden lights in her room. The dust got even brighter and then suddenly, it shot rays of beautiful yellow up to her roof. It was as if every single dust particle had their own ray of light. She stares at her roof, now a beautiful yellow, which was what originally plain white.

She couldn't blink. No, not at a time like this. Every blink she makes would mean every second of this beauty she would be missing. Her roof then begin to melt. The gold dust seems to be trying to pierce through her roof with their lights. However it seems as though the light itself wasn't strong enough.

She was by herself. She was afraid. She didn't know what this light was. But, at that moment she only knew of one thing. She knew she wanted the light to pierce through her roof. She didn't know why she suddenly wanted them to pierce through her roof so much. She just knew that at that moment, she didn't want anything else except for those light to go beyond her roof, beyond set boundaries, beyond that of which stood between them and the night sky where they truly belong.

It was in that time, that she stood up. No longer afraid. No longer full of fear. No, not now. Now she is filled with something else. What was this feeling ? Was it excitement? No. Perhaps it was joy. No. It was something else. It was eagerness. It was determination. Determination not for her, but for the lights within her room. It was for the lights she knew nothing about. It was for the lights that needed to be ..... up there.....

Without thinking, she screamed out to the light: You can do it! I know you can! Don't give up! Never give up! No matter hard dark it gets, no matter how hard it is to get somewhere, as long as you don't give up, you can get there!

In a rush of tears, she scream out one more time, as loud as she can with tears in her eyes: DON"T GIVE UP!

As if the light had a life of its own, as if it heard her every word, every feeling that she pour into that scream. The rays of light burst through the roof as if the roof was never an obstacle in the first place.Her room now even brighter, as more and more ray of lights burst out of her room making it's way through her roof and back up into the sky where they belong.

Soon, her room begins to lose the light that was once there. The warmth of a soul, the warmth she was just getting used too. It begun to grew darker and darker as the room fade to darkness with each passing ray of light.

And then...... darkness.

It was all gone. Except her, all alone again. Just a roof with holes over her head, and complete empty darkness.

She stare up back at the ceiling, wondering if she could ever see something so beautiful again, and saw something weird. The holes in her roof was getting larger. It was as if it was still being eaten up by the lights that once pass through it. The roof was disappearing. In a split second the entire roof suddenly disappear with a great burst of light which blinded her for a while, and causing her to put her hand over her eyes to cover such a light, keeping her eyes as sealed up as possible.

Her eye still closed, now fearing if she opens her eyes again she will see nothing more but another empty sky. Nothing but the same darkness that was in her room, the same darkness that was up there before. At least if she kept her eyes closed, she could still see the imagination that the light left behind for her.

She knew eventually knew she was going to have to open her eye. She look up at the sky, with her closed eyes. Darkness was all she could see right now. If she were to open her eyes now, she would see nothing more but more darkness. She opens her eye slowly, very slowly. Something was reaching the small speck of what ever part of her open eye there was. She remember this feeling. This light.

In one quick movement, she opens her entire eye lid and there it was. Something more beautiful then the light that was once in her room. Something so beautiful that words could not even describe them. Between her and her now roofless room was the most beautiful thing anyone could have ever imagine.

Up there in the sky. Up there where darkness use to live. Up there where emptiness ruled over the sky.......

Was a billion star.

A billion shining star. Each one with the same warmth she felt so close to her before. Each star twinkling so brightly. As if they were dancing, thanking her for what she have done. For all she have help them with.

One billion star.

One night,

One sight, the world will never forget.
Random story I whip up for an artist. Hopes he like it. I'm not a really great writer to say the least. Never did really well in language art when I was still in school. Sorry for any grammar issue.
GreyBubbleGum Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Study of disney and context and words visualization to create a story. Also a challenge from someone.
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